Pet Profiles

Extra Care for Long-term Residents

At ROAR most of our residents come through our doors and, a after a short period of loving care here at the shelter, leave for their new homes. But, sometimes, even a sweet, beautiful animal gets passed by due to no fault of his/her own. The timing just isn’t right and the perfect match takes a little longer to be made. Because of their lengthier stay with us, these animals receive a little extra care. Some are given foster homes where they are exposed to real life family noises and smells as well as others animals and a real home life. Others receive extensive training in behavior classes and by ROAR’s trainers. The animals flourish in these situations instead of becoming more and more despondent while waiting for a home. KAI and KATIE & RANGER are some of our favorite examples.


Kai is our party boy! He is a super playful, young cat with a great personality. He loves to be the center of attention and could wear out just about anybody. He would do well in an active household where he could receive a lot of stimulation and socialization. Kai is altered and up-to-date on vaccinations.
***Please remember to keep your cats indoors, especially during this time of year, as predators are active preparing for the harsh weather ahead.***






Katie & Ranger

Katie and Ranger are a very special bonded pair at ROAR. They arrived at our shelter separately, but just one day apart. Katie is a female Boxer mix who is 6.5 years old and is extremely sweet, gentle and very smart. She is also very social. Ranger is a 2.5 year old male spaniel mix who is loving, playful and a snuggler. They both struggled in the shelter on their own, Katie with separation anxiety and Ranger with fear of the world around him. Then about a month later, they discovered each other and it was an instant connection. Katie helps Ranger feel confident and secure. Also, with Ranger, Katie never has to worry about being alone. The two spend all day together — napping, playing, laying in the sun, going on walks, and snuggling with staff and volunteers. The love they have for each other is great, but don’t worry, there is still enough to go around. Katie is a lover of people, and although Ranger takes some time, he has built strong connections with people at the shelter too.

Katie is up-to-date on her vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative and micro-chipped. Ranger is also up to- date on his vaccinations and is neutered.



At ROAR, everyone receives what they need to live happy, healthy lives
until the home they are waiting for is found.