Pet Profiles

Extra Care for Long-term Residents

At ROAR most of our residents come through our doors and after a short period of loving care here at the shelter, leave for their new homes. But, sometimes, even a sweet, beautiful animal gets passed by due to no fault of his/her own. The timing just isn’t right and the perfect match takes a little longer to be made. Because of their lengthier stay with us, these animals receive a little extra care. Some are given foster homes where they are exposed to real life family noises and smells as well as others animals and a real home life. Others receive extensive training in behavior classes and by ROAR’s trainers. The animals flourish in these situations instead of becoming more and more despondent while waiting for a home.


Abby is an approximately one-year old female Tabby who has been at ROAR searching for her forever home for about two months. 

She is a feisty girl with TONS of personality, who likes to follow our volunteers around the cat room, and who is very vocal when she is ready to come out of her cage. Abby can be very sweet, enjoying pets to her head, cheeks and body, but all petting happens on her terms, of course!


Abby will rub against your legs and hands, especially when she is looking for treats. Abby is quite entertaining to have around, and will let you know when she has had enough affection.


Abby will blossom in a patient home with experienced cat owners, and will do best in a home without small children.

However, we know that when he finds the right family and home where he can settle in, he will  come out of his shell!

Nino is neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations.


Bermuda is an almost two-year old black female domestic shorthair who has been waiting at ROAR for her forever home for about three months.
She has a huge personality, and will rub against your legs when she wants your attention.  She is happy to gently eat treats from your hand, and a patient and understanding adopter will help her to learn the proper way to indicate that she would like to go back to her favorite activity … laying on the cat tree by the window to watch the birds and the cars go by!
This sassy girl can be very affectionate, and has a message for her forever home out there … “I’m ready to be adopted!” Bermuda will do best in a home with experienced cat owners, and without small children.

Nino is a seven-year old, blue-eyed Snowshoe mix who is extremely shy but stunningly handsome.
Unfortunately, his shy tendencies mean that his forever family has not yet found him, and he has been waiting at the ROAR shelter for five months.
Nino’s background is unclear, so we are not sure why he is so shy, but he LOVES to be pet on his head when laying in his condo … and will lean into your hand for those deep rubs!

Nino needs an extremely patient adopter who understands that he will need a lot of time to decompress, adjust to your household, and learn to trust. Our mellow designer cat Nino will come out of his shell in a home with very patient, experienced cat owners, and without dogs or small children. Gaining the trust of this handsome boy with the beautiful face will be worth the wait!

***Please remember to keep your cats indoors, 
especially during this time of year.***
For more information about these cats or any other adoptable cats or dogs, please visit ROAR’s website: or call to make an appointment 203-438-0158.



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At ROAR, everyone receives what they need to live happy, healthy lives
until the home they are waiting for is found.