Pet Profiles

Extra Care for Long-term Residents

At ROAR most of our residents come through our doors and, a after a short period of loving care here at the shelter, leave for their new homes. But, sometimes, even a sweet, beautiful animal gets passed by due to no fault of his/her own. The timing just isn’t right and the perfect match takes a little longer to be made. Because of their lengthier stay with us, these animals receive a little extra care. Some are given foster homes where they are exposed to real life family noises and smells as well as others animals and a real home life. Others receive extensive training in behavior classes and by ROAR’s trainers. The animals flourish in these situations instead of becoming more and more despondent while waiting for a home. Bailey, Simba & Ham are some of our favorite examples.


Mack is a lively and loving, one-year old boy with personality plus. There are many different kinds of cat purr-sonalities and Mack seems to be a blend of two. Not only will he be a close buddy who’s great to have around, but he’s also a cat who loves people and all the attention they give him.
Mack is a very sweet and playful boy who came to ROAR as a local surrender. He is strikingly handsome with bright golden eyes and a mix of silver, black and white fur, with unique markings scattered throughout.
Mack gets along great with all of our current kitty residents. However, he is so enthusiastic when he plays with other cats that sometimes he tends to go a bit overboard. With a bit of training, a cat savvy family can help him learn what’s appropriate.
Mack is up-to-date with his vaccinations and has been neutered. He is ready to go home with his forever family!
***Please remember to keep your cats indoors, especially during this time of year, as predators are active preparing for the harsh weather ahead.***


Sweet Caroline is a beautiful, two-year old Labrador Retriever mix who came to ROAR from Mississippi. This friendly girl is looking for a family to love and for them to love her back.
When Caroline goes on walks with ROAR’s volunteers, she turns a lot of heads. Many people will say, “what a sweet, lovely dog!” In response, they will receive a big, friendly smile  from Caroline (see photo) and a wag from her fluffy tail.
Caroline loves boy dogs! She really enjoys playing with them (a good game of chase is one of her favorite activities). However, she prefers to avoid some girl dogs.
Caroline is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations.


At ROAR, everyone receives what they need to live happy, healthy lives
until the home they are waiting for is found.